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The Afrikan Youth Business Council is the continental apex body for youth-led private sector entities, institutions & associations in Africa advocating for a youth friendly business policy environment in general and making AfCFTA Promises to African youth a reality in particular.

Our Theory of  Change

On one hand, Africa, the world’s youngest continent, grapples with youth unemployment. Youth led entrepreneurship and enterprise innovation is one sure way to address this challenge - creating jobs, housing and feeding Africa’s booming youth population. The existing economic policy and institutional frameworks do not offer an adequately enabling environment and incentives required for youth-led entrepreneurship and innovation to yield the desired results. Unfortunately, youth cannot wait any longer, it is now or never! Youth-led enterprises need to be better recognised and supported to be more productive and create jobs that youth urgently and desperately need.


Our vision is to see Africa’s young people and their business entities as active players in

Intra-African trade.



Our mission is to become the leading youth-led continental private sector organization that

advocates for youth friendly economic and trade policies and to make the AfCFTA work for

youth-led businesses.

"What AfYBC has done is close a big gap that we have had in the continent whereby, although we have many business organizations, the youths don’t have a voice. I believe the Afrikan Youth Business Council will bring the voice of the youth to the table. Youths are at the cutting edge of the current digitalization and diversification efforts, hence we need to hear more from youth entrepreneurs, so we are really delighted that AfYBC has been launched. We will collaborate with the Council on youth in business issues."

Mr Charles Chiza Chiumya, Ag. Director in charge of entrepreneurship at the AU Commission



Be the continental voice of youth in private sector, promote youth led trade and enterprise

Advocate for a youth friendly economic policy environment that facilitates the growth of African youth business interests.


Resource mobilization for youth led-businesses and startups for investment financing, growth and access to markets. 


Build capacity and ensure participation of youth-led SMEs in the African and the global economy.


Platform for networking, cooperation, learning and exchange of experiences and knowledge transfer.



  1. Age range: 18-39 years old

  2. Region: Africa

  3. Business type: Youth-led private sector entities, institutions & associations in Africa

  4. Business stage: Startups, SMEs, and growing businesses

  5. Industry: All industries are welcome, with a focus on sectors with high growth potential under AfCFTA

  6. Business mission: Members should share AfYBC's mission of advocating for youth-friendly economic and trade policies, promoting fair trade and fair competition, and supporting connectivity and free movement for youth-led enterprises.

  7. Willingness to engage: Members should be willing to engage in capacity-building programs, advocacy efforts, and networking opportunities offered by AfYBC.

  8. Commitment to AfCFTA: Members should be committed to taking advantage of the opportunities offered by AfCFTA and contributing to its success.



Receive support to access to exclusive funding opportunities, such as grants, loans, or venture capital, to support the growth and development of their businesses within the AfCFTA framework.


Trade Facilitation

Tailored support in accessing new markets and trade opportunities across Africa and beyond under the AfCFTA framework. Includes Business matching, access to market intelligence and latest on AfCTA protocols.


 AfYBC members will play an active role in engaging with policy makers to support and inform policy-making processes at local, national, and continental levels.

Capacity Building 

members have access to a range of capacity-building programs, such as training, coaching, mentorship, and networking opportunities, tailored to the needs of different regions and industries across Africa under the AfCFTA.




The Tech Transformation Initiative is a 3-month program designed to help members of AfYBC transform their businesses through the adoption of technology. The program will provide members with the necessary knowledge and tools to leverage technology to improve their business processes, increase efficiency, and drive growth.


The Sustainable Futures Initiative is a 2-month online program designed for members of the Afrikan Youth Business Council (AfYBC) who are committed to building sustainable and socially responsible businesses. The program aims to equip young entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools needed to adopt sustainable business practices, promote environmental responsibility, and integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into their business operations.

Classmates in Library


The AfCFTA Youth Connect is a year-round initiative designed to facilitate and enhance the participation of young entrepreneurs in the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). The program aims to connect youth-led businesses with AfCFTA authorities and regulators in their countries, providing them with access to information, benefits, and in-country contacts available under AfCFTA. The initiative seeks to help young entrepreneurs grow and expand their businesses across borders, thereby contributing to economic growth and sustainable development in Africa.



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